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Enterprise Asset
Management Program
   - Operational Asset Management
   - Strategic Asset Management
Integrated Maintenance
Management & Business Practices
& Implementation
Asset Valuation
Life Cycle Assessment
CMMS Evaluation & Selection
& System Integration
IT Services & System
Field Implementation
Support Services
Improvements & Benefits

   GEMS is a full service enterprise management consulting company which integrates the capabilities of Enterprise Maintenance Management, Asset and Infrastructure Management and Business Practices, Project Management, Change Management, Equipment evaluation and life cycle assessment, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Systems integration, and Field Implementation support services. The result is TOTAL turnkey project control from start to finish, resulting in successful completion of operations and maintenance re-engineering and GASB34 compliance.
     GEMS associates include, Maintenance Managers, Asset and Infrastructure Managers, Financial Managers, Electrical and Controls Reliability Specialists, Project Managers, CMMS and SCADA experts, GASB34 specialists, and Life Cycle economy specialists and Information Systems specialists.
     GEMS services are comprehensive and our unique combination of skills and experiences allows us to handle a wide variety of projects for Governments, Municipalities, Utilities and Industries.
     Asset and Maintenance Management are the last cost saving frontiers of the scientific management and system efficiency, that has yet to be tapped by industries, which provides the biggest potential for cost savings and operational effectiveness. Control of maintenance, controls costs. Improving system reliability, reduces costs. A facility or plant that runs its systems, with less downtime, frees up more time for all its employees to do their jobs effectively. An effective maintenance organization, improves productivity and employee morale. The cost savings realized, is compounded annually, year after year. As a result the benefits are substantial.
     We are not an engineering company that does many varieties of consulting projects, one of which happens to be Asset and Maintenance Management. We can provide focused attention to each project with the specialized knowledge and experience we have.
Fully owned subsidiary of Raintek USA Limited